World's Best Carrot Cake

 When we decided to have a little party to celebrate our engagement I knew I had to order one of those cakes, but this time we went with chocolate. Did you hear that? Chocolate, gluten-free carrot cake! Oh. My. God. I really can't compare the two: normal carrot cake versus chocolate because they're both just amazing.
I could go on, but I think you all get the idea. *World's Best Carrot Cake = gluten-free crack.

 I purchased slices of your gluten free chocolate carrot cake this weekend.  It is the only gluten free cake I have ever eaten that comes close to what cake should be… In fact, I’m not sure you could tell a difference. 

Wendy W., Oak Ridge, TN


Our amazing, gluten-free chocolate carrot cake is so moist, rich and delicious the most die-hard chocoholics will be thrilled. (never mind there’s no wheat!)

We make our Worlds Best Chocolate Carrot Cake batter with fresh, organic carrots, use the best quality brown rice flour and chocolate and finish off the three layers with a velvety smooth chocolate cream cheese icing. Our 8” chocolate gluten-free carrot cake is garnished with fresh walnuts and chocolate chips! What more could you ask for? Your gluten-free dreams have come true! It is the best carrot cake ever!

Serves 12 – 16, ~ 5lbs.

$38.00 + Shipping & Handling

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Gluten Free Carrot Cake

Our goal is to have one of our bakeries completely dedicated to GLUTEN-FREE products. At present that is not possible. We take great care to clean our bakery thoroughly between GLUTEN-FREE baking and baking with wheat flour, and carefully segregate our GLUTEN-FREE cakes. But we cannot guarantee there will be no wheat contamination. At their request, we have provided our GLUTEN-FREE cakes to the meetings of the local Celiac's Disease Support Group whose members have enjoyed them. They believe that every gluten-intolerant person must make careful choices about what they choose to eat and understand that there is a chance of contamination in "gluten-free" products. So we add the following warning for gluten-intolerant people: Our cakes are made in a kitchen which processes ingredients that contain protein derived from milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat or soybeans.